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Email Marketing Techniques That Work

The most important feature of any email marketing campaign is ensuring that your email is CAN SPAM compliant. If it is not, you are breaking the law and can be fined up to $11,000.  You can view the CAN SPAM requirements here.

Email marketing campaigns are cost effective ways of keeping your business in front of potential customers and,  can have a significant impact on your bottom line.

How do you get started?

Take a look at your email in box. Which email offers have you opened? Which have your clicked through to the website? Why? Pay close attention to the wording and value proposition – i.e. the purpose and reason to participate in the offer.  These few words are often the difference between success and failure.  Use these “successful” campaigns to help generate subject lines that will appeal to your customer base.

These quick tips will help make your campaign more successful.

  1. Define your goal. Is it more sign ups or phone calls? Clearly state that goal in the first few lines of the email along with your offer (what visitors get for viewing your solicitation and responding to your "call for action"). It is important that these items appear in the top portion (first 300 px) of the email so they are viewable without opening the email.
  2. For the subject line steer clear of spam filter “trigger” words such as FREE, #1, Now, Hurry,  save up to, Additional Income, Affordable and all natural.  *Search the web for “spam trigger words” to find more complete lists of words and phrases to avoid in your email subject line.
  3. Create a sense of urgency within the email with phrases like “Hurry to get 20% off you order”.  *Marketing experiments have proven that limited time offers receive more clicks. 
  4. Find a campaign monitoring software that you like – ex: Campaign Monitor, Mail Chimp, Constant Contact – or include a custom URL via campaign builder so you can monitor the emails performance and gather data about what appeals to your customer base.  You will be able to see how many people opened and clicked your email and, if you have clearly defined campaign goals, how much revenue the campaign generated. 
  5. Be sure that you include an “opt out” option at the end of your email as well as your physical address. 
  6. Spell Check the email! Nothing reduces you chances of success more than poor grammar and spelling.
  7. If you are using images rather than straight text, add a line at the top that says “having trouble viewing this email? Click here.” Link to a copy of the email on your web site or wherever your email is stored online.
  8. Limit Graphics (many email clients will not display them anyway).
  9. Monitor your campaign. 
  10. Don’t get discouraged if your first email does not get results. Evaluate it and try again.


Good Luck! 
If you would rather have someone do the marketing for you, call Tabooni today: 575-770-9062.