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Five Ways to Increase Your Conversion Rate

Your conversion rate is the percentage of visitors that respond to your web site’s calls to action ({completed calls to action}/unique visitors * 100%). It is a measure of your site’s effectiveness.

As pay per click campaigns get more competitive and thus, more expensive, web site owners look at other ways of making money online. Improving your natural listing through search engine optimization (SEO) is the first step. Without traffic to your web site you have no one to convert. Once the traffic is there, the main focus must be on converting those visitors into customers.

The “Golden Rule” when it comes to improving your conversion rate is “simplify everything and then, simplify some more”. This rule applies to all aspects of the site: the color palette, the navigation, calls to action, headings, imagery and layout. Five easy ways to boost your conversions:

1. Use a centrally located, graphically appealing call to action on each page.

2. Improve your Headlines – most visitors will skim sites so engaging headlines are critical.

3. Remove any elements that may cause anxiety – conflicting calls to action, cluttered areas, long forms, etc.

4. Give the user an incentive to take action - this can be a guarantee, a discount or a FREE offering.

5. Keep you navigation consistent throughout the site

These five steps can make a dramatic increase in your conversions. Try them and see for yourself. For a typical site, this would take only a few hours. Is your business worth it? Once you have proven to yourself that this actually works, contact Tabooni and see what else can be done to turn your web site’s clicks into loyal new customers.