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Web Site Development

web development services - taos new mexicoWeb site development is the process of taking a static design and bringing it to life. During development, domain names are chosen, hosting is set up, style sheets are developed, and navigation, scripts and applications are programmed. Finally, copy is written to maximize the site's search engine visibility.

To develop a professional web site requires not only programming skills but, an understanding of everything from search engine optimization to eye tracking metrics. Often times, the original site design will need slight modifications in order to optimize the results. Simple things like button color and placement can have a big impact on your bottom line. Browser compatibility issues may also force a developer to modify web site designs.

Making Sure You See What Your Visitors See

Web browsers are programs used to display a web page either graphically or in a text only format. Some popular browsers include Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE), Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and Apple Safari. These browsers have been developed independently and therefore, have certain elements that are unique to each. Ensuring that your site is cross browser compatible is imperative. This step is often missed by new, inexperienced developers and the results can be costly. For instance, Internet Explorer 6.0 displays transparent images as ugly gray boxes. Since IE is installed on virtually every PC, it is used by a large number of web users. Albeit, Microsoft has fixed this bug in the latest version of IE but, as of November 2009, 11.1% of web users still depend on IE6 (according to a study by W3schools). The latest trend for many developers is to just ignore IE6 - that removes the problem. Do you really want more than 10% of your audience to be unable to view your site correctly? If you have a transparent navigation button or, worse yet, a transparent call to action IE6 users will not be able to see it even if they stay around long enough to try (which they won't, trust me). This costs you money. Tabooni ensures cross browser compatibility on every site we develop.

Be Search Engine Friendly

Being search engine friendly is critical to your site's success. If your site is improperly indexed, lacks a site map or does not use unique tags for each web page's title and description the money you spend on it will go down the drain.

In addition, there needs to be enough content on your web pages that is relevant to the information contained in the titles and descriptions. Ideally, at least some portion of your site is regularly updated to keep visitors informed of latest trends, sales, or offerings and to keep them coming back for more. The whole point of having a web site is to provide an informational resource that attracts new business or contacts. The more unique visits to your site, the better your odds of converting. More repeat visits generate more loyal customers.


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